About This Project

American Religious Ecologies is a project of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media that is creating new datasets, maps and visualizations for the history of American religion. With the generous support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, we are currently digitizing the 1926 U.S. Census of Religious Bodies, which has individual schedules for approximately 232,000 congregations. We are also investigating denominational records and other sources of data.

If you use this project, we would be grateful if you would cite it. Here is a suggested citation:

American Religious Ecologies, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, George Mason University (2018–): http://religiousecologies.org.


Nirajan Adhikari, undergraduate research assistant

Ida Akiwumi, UX researcher, RRCHNM

Ken Albers, software developer, RRCHNM

Jordan Bratt, graduate research assistant

Brandan Buck, graduate research assistant for spatial data

Bridget Bukovich, community engagement coordinator, RRCHNM

Abderraouf Deghdegh, undergraduate research assistant

Reagan Emmerling, undergraduate research assistant

Kaila Etienne-Best, undergraduate research assistant

Thana Fazelyar, undergraduate research assistant

Alexis Frambes, research associate

Danielle Gaita, undergraduate research assistant

Caroline Greer, graduate research assistant

Imran Haq, undergraduate research assistant

Jason Heppler, senior web developer, RRCHNM

Julia Hoffer, grants administrator, RRCHNM

God’s Will Katchoua, systems administrator, RRCHNM

William Keeler, undergraduate intern

Hibba Khan, undergraduate research assistant

Paige Leddy, undergraduate research assistant

Jannelle Legg, graduate research assistant

Andrew Leitner, undergraduate research assistant

Lincoln Mullen, co–project director

Kim Nguyen, web designer, RRCHNM

Thanh Nguyen, office manager, RRCHNM

Jim Safley, senior software developer & metadata specialist, RRCHNM

Nayomi Santos, undergraduate research assistants

Ava Smigliani, undergraduate research assistant

Kris Stinson, graduate research assistant

Greta Swain, project manager and graduate research assistant

John Turner, co–project director

Stephanie Vu, undergraduate research assistant

Advisory board

Margaret Bendroth, Congregational Library and Archives

David Campbell, Political Science, University of Notre Dame

Christopher D. Cantwell, History, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee

Edward E. Curtis IV, Religious Studies, IUPUI

Kate Carté, History, Southern Methodist University

Jeanne Kilde, Religious Studies, University of Minnesota

Robert K. Nelson, Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond

Judith Weisenfeld, Religion, Princeton University